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AP English Language and Composition
Multiple Choice -- January 16
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These questions refer to the same text from January 10th.
5. Which of the following words is grammatically and thematically parallel to “tone’’
(line 21)?
(A) “solemnity’’ (line 21)
(B) “pulpit’’ (line 21)
(C) “stage-declamation’’ (line 21)
(D) “liberty’’ (line 22)
(E) “venture’’ (line 22)

6. In context, the expression “to pitch upon’’ (line 34) is best interpreted as having
which of the following meanings?
(A) To suggest in a casual way
(B) To set a value on
(C) To put aside as if by throwing
(D) To utter glibly and insincerely
(E) To succeed in finding

7. The ability discussed in lines 35-38 is referred to elsewhere as which of
the following?
(A) “theatrical cadence’’ (line 30)
(B) “foreign circumlocutions’’ (line 46)
(C) “fine tact’’ (line 51)
(D) “professional allusions’’ (lines 54-55)
(E) “universal force’’ (line 56)
8. The author’s observation in the sentence beginning “It is clear’’ (lines 49-51) is
best described as an example of which of the following?
(A) Mocking tone
(B) Linguistic paradox
(C) Popularity of the familiar style
(D) The author’s defense of Johnson’s style
(E) The author’s advice to the reader

9. In line 52, “those’’ refers to which of the following?
I. “words’’ (line 45)
II. “circumlocutions’’ (line 46)
III. “associations’’ (line 46)
(A) I only
(B) II only
(C) I and III only
(D) II and III only
(E) I, II, and III
10. The author’s tone in the passage as a whole is best described as
(A) harsh and strident
(B) informal and analytical
(C) contemplative and conciliatory
(D) superficial and capricious
(E) enthusiastic and optimistic

AP English -- Taryn Barber -- Largo High School -- 2006/2007