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AP English Language and Composition
Multiple Choice -- January 22
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These questions refer to the same text from January 18.
8. The speaker’s attitude toward the jazz musicians is best described as one of
(A) idolatrous devotion
(B) profound admiration
(C) feigned intimacy
(D) qualified enthusiasm
(E) reasoned objectivity

9. The speaker suggests that the jazz musicians to whom he refers accomplish
which of the following by means of their art?
(A) They hold a mirror to nature.
(B) They prove that music is superior to other art forms.
(C) They provide an ironic view of the world.
(D) They create order from the disorder of life.
(E) They create music concerned more with truth than beauty.

10. In the sentence beginning “There were times’’ (lines 58-63), the speaker employs
all of the following EXCEPT
(A) concrete diction
(B) parallel syntax
(C) simile
(D) understatement
(E) onomatopoeia

11. In the passage, the drunk, the jazz musicians, and the singer all share which of
the following?
(A) An inability to identify with others
(B) An intense application to a single activity
(C) A concern more with individuality than with tradition
(D) An ambivalent feeling about their roles in life
(E) A desire for popular approval
12. The style of the passage as a whole is most accurately characterized as
(A) abstract and allusive
(B) disjointed and effusive
(C) informal and descriptive
(D) complex and pedantic
(E) symbolic and terse

AP English -- Taryn Barber -- Largo High School -- 2006/2007