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AP English Language and Composition
Voice Lesson -- January 18
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Voice Lesson -- Syntax -- Lesson 14
When the moment is ripe, only the fanatic can hatch a genuine mass movement.  Without him the disaffection engendered by militant men of words remains undirected and can vent itself only in pointless and easily suppressed diorders.  Without him the initiated reforms, even when drastic, leave the old way of life unchanged, and any change in government usually amounts to no more than a transfer of power from one set of men of action to another.  Without him there can perhaps be no new beginning.
~ Eric Hoffer, "The Fanatics"
Comprehension Questions:
1. This passage uses the phrase "without him" three times.  What effect does this have on the overall effect of the passage?
2. How does the length of the last sentence affect the meaning of the passage?
Start with the following sentence.
Of all the instruments of modern technology, only the computer brings people close together.
Now add two sentences which amplify the first sentence.  Each of these sentences should begin with a prepositional phrase. 

AP English -- Taryn Barber -- Largo High School -- 2006/2007