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AP English Language and Composition
Multiple Choice Homework -- January 4
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These questions refer to the same passage from January 2 by Annie Dillard.

5. All of the following are true of the sentence "She kept burning" (lines 30-31) EXCEPT
a. Its brevity makes it emphatic
b. In context, its tone is one of awed fascination.
c. In context, the word "burning" means "avenging"
d. The feminine pronoun links the image to the specificity of the previous paragraph.
e. The feminine pronoun humanizes the moth, in preparation for reference to martyrs.
6. In the second and third paragraphs, the speaker focuses on the moth as
a. a specimen embodying qualities inherent in all moths
b. a reflection of her own past experiences
c. essentially a creation of her own imagination
d. something more than a moth, both literally and figuratively
e. an innocent victim of human passivity
7. Which of the following prepare the reader for the image of the "immolating monk" (line 35)?
I. "spectacular skeleton" (lines 29-30)
II. "jagged hole" (lines 32-33)
III. "saffron-yellow flame" (line 34)
IV. "robed" (line 34)
a. I and II only
b. I and III only
c. III and IV only
d. II, III, and IV only
e. I, II, III, and IV
8. The repetition of "She burned for two hours" (lines 38 and 39) serves all of the following functions EXCEPT to
a. provide a transition between the second and third paragraphs
b. imply that the passage of time has several different meanings
c. maintain the idea that the burning object has a noteworthy persistence
d. focus the reader's attention on the burning moth
e. dramatize the narrator's fixation on the duration of the event

AP English -- Taryn Barber -- Largo High School -- 2006/2007