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AP English Language and Composition
Voice Lessons -- May 7
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Voice Lesson – Diction – Lesson 4




The man sighed hugely.


n      E. Annie Proulx, The Shipping News




  1. What does it mean to sigh hugely?
  2. How would the meaning of the sentence change if it were rewritten as


The man sighed loudly.




Fill in the blank below with an adverb:


The man coughed ________________________.


Your adverb should make the cough express an attitude.  For example, the cough could express contempt, desperation, or propriety.  Do not state the attitude. Instead, let the adverb imply it. 





Voice Lesson – Diction




Meanwhile, the United States Army, thirsting for revenge, was prowling the country north and west of the Black Hills, killing Indians wherever they could be found.


n      Dee Brown, Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee




  1. What are the connotations of thirsting? What feelings are evoked by this diction?
  2. What are the connotations of prowling? What kind of animals prowl?  What attitude toward the U.S. army does this diction convey?




Use an eating or drinking verb in a sentence which expresses anger about a parking ticket.  Do not use the verb to literally express eating or drinking.  Instead, express your anger through the verb.  Use Brown’s sentence as a model.

AP English -- Taryn Barber -- Largo High School -- 2006/2007